J Balvin & Buchanan Launch Special “Es Nuestro Momento” Remix Contest

Here’s your chance to join voices with J Balvin

The 31-year-old Colombian urban singer-songwriter is giving fans the opportunity to have a moment together.

J Balvin

J Balvin and the Whisky brand Buchanan‘s have officially launched the “Es Nuestro Momento” remix contest, which allows fans to collaborate with the singer on the campaign’s official song featuring his vocals.

Balvin’s acapella vocals of the unreleased “Es Nuestro Momento” track will be made available for participants 21 and older, to download and integrate into their own song, and upload the final version to SoundCloud by March 20.

J Balvin will choose his favorite and announce the winning track on April 19 via social media. The winner will win a trip to the 2017 Latin Billboard Music Awards in Miami and have a chance to meet the singer.

For more information on the contest, click here.

Last year, J Balvin and Buchanan joined forces for the “Es Nuestro Momento campaign in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“I feel a great connection with this campaign, because truly, it is our moment to be proud of our cultures and celebrate the leaders that we are of a new generation,” Balvin previously said about the partnership.

J Balvin Partners with Buchanan’s Whisky for Special Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign

J Balvin is having a special Momento

Hailed as a celebration of Hispanic culture and its impact in the United States, the 31-year-old Colombian reggaeton singer has teamed up with Buchanan’s Whisky for the brand’s new campaign titled “Es Nuestro Momento.

J Balvin

It’s the first time Buchanan’s Whisky has joined forces with a major musician to launch an ambitious and all-encompassing campaign that includes publicity announcements, television commercials, digital marketing, a social media component and a contest for consumers.

The venture was launched earlier this month just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.

The “Es Nuestro Momento” campaign launched with a powerful video filmed in Los Angeles of Balvin getting ready to jump onstage for one of his concerts.

“Who are we? We are one and the stage is ours. We’re an undeniable force, and nothing will stop us. It’s our time,” says Balvin in the video.

“It’s an honor to join an iconic brand like Buchanan’s to promote the greatness, diversity and richness of our culture,” the chart-topping artist said in a statement.

“I feel a great connection with this campaign because truly, it is our moment to be proud of our cultures and celebrate the leaders that we are of a new generation.”

Early next year, the Colombian singer will premiere the lyrics and beat of a new song titled “Es Nuestro Momento.” Fans will have the chance to enter a contest and create their own remix of the track. The winner, handpicked by Balvin, will record the song featuring the Latin superstar himself.