Fuentes’ Death of Artemio Cruz to be Brought to Life

The Death Of Artemio Cruz, the novel by the late Carlos Fuentes, may soon be brought to life.

Chatrone LLC has optioned the film and television rights to the novel by the late Mexican writer, who passed away in March at the age of 83.

Carlos FuentesFuentes’ novel, considered the author’s masterpiece, was at the center of the Latin “Boom” movement in the world of literature in the late 80s. The novel is basically a deathbed confession by the title character as he looks back on his corrupt and sordid life and how he evolved from idealistic revolutionary to successful businessman and exploiter of the people and the ideals he once fought for. The book won the Cervantes Prize in 1987.

The Death of Artemio Cruz

“Artemio’s story is compelling because it embodies the history and struggles of Latin America,” says Chatrone’s Carina Schulze, who is developing both TV and film treatments with Aaron D. Berger. “We are pleased to obtain the opportunity to bring the story to the big screen and other media, and we have high expectations for the project as it unfolds.”

Schulze and Berger are currently producing the animated feature, Day Of The Dead, which will be directed by Jorge Gutierrez and produced by Guillermo Del Toro.