Bruno Bichir to Appear on FX’s “The Bridge,” Opposite His Brother Demián

Bruno Bichir’s next role will have him working closely with his older brother.

The 46-year-old Mexican actor has landed a recurring role on FX’s critically acclaimed drama The Bridge, which stars his Oscar-winning brother Demián Bichir.

Bruno Bichir

Bruno will portray a wealthy Mexican business leader to winds up involved with Marco (Demian). But the businessman may not be what he seems.

The characters are unrelated in the show, but in real life the brothers are both members of a prolific Mexican acting family.

The siblings previously worked together on projects including the movie Don’t Tempt Me and the Spanish-language feature Sin noticias de Dios (Bendito infierno).

The family is such an institution in their native country that Mexico’s MTV Movie Awards has even given out awards in the category “Best Bichir in a Movie.”

“I couldn’t be happier to work again with my brother Demian,” Bruno says. “I’m a huge fan of the show so it’s an enormous honor for me to become a part of it”.

The Bridge executive producer Elwood Reid first met Bruno last year at the show’s launch party in Los Angeles. The actor, who was there to cheer on his brother Demian, made an impression. Reid began to pursue him for a role he had contemplated for Season 2.

“We knew Bruno was a big star in Mexico,” says executive producer Carolyn Bernstein. “There is something about him that’s very charismatic and sympathetic. He’s a compelling presence.”

Bernstein says Reid had been thinking about the Bruno role for month. “It felt like a juicy role, so we approached him about it,” she says.

Bruno will appear in multiple episodes next season, but the count isn’t certified yet. “The character will unfold over time,” Bernstein says. “I don’t know how long he will be with us. That has a high impact.”

Bruno’s other credits include starring opposite Tilda Swinton in Julia.

“I’m always excited about new members on our cast and of course I’m specially thrilled to have my brother Bruno on board,” Demian says. “He is one of the finest actors I know. We’ve worked together on films and theater, but never before on a TV show. This is going to be fun.”