First Trailer Released for Alba’s “A.C.O.D.”

There’s no denying Jessica Alba is a sex symbol… And, now she’s adding a little sizzle to her next project.

The 32-year-old half-Mexican American actress is starring in the drama comedy, A.C.O.D., Adult Children of Divorce, which released its first trailer via Yahoo! Movies.

Jessica Alba

As suggested by the title, the film examines the impact of splitting up when the children are all grown-up. A.C.O.D. tells the story through the life of a successful career man named Carter, played by Adam Scott.

Introduced as Scott’s on-screen bitterly divorced parents are Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara, both of whom are clearly not on very good terms. In the story, Carter is forced to reunite them and their new spouses as his younger brother (Clark Duke) marries his girlfriend of four months.

Things will be far more chaotic for Carter as his own personal problem arise. Already seeing Lauren (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he’ll soon find himself attracted to the tattooed Michelle (Jessica Alba).

Set for limited release on October 4, A.C.O.D. also stars Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch. It is the directorial debut of Stuart Zicherman, who co-created on ABC‘s series Six Degrees. The Film Arcade and Paramount picked up the movie in April.

A.C.O.D. is one of the funniest Sundance films we’ve seen … Stu and his incredible cast have shown us that divorce hurts until you laugh,” said The Film Arcade partners in a statement.