Delgado Wins First-Ever Costume Designers Guild Award

Paco Delgado is this year’s period king…

The Spanish costume designer picked up his first Costume Designers Guild Award for Excellence in Period Film, which was handed out at the Beverly Hilton.

Paco Delgado

Delgado, who previously earned a CDG nomination in the same category for his work on Les Misérables, won the award for his work on The Danish Girl, starring Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe, the first person to undergo gender confirmation surgery, in 1930s Germany.

“When I start doing the research into a new subject or a new model, I always try to see as much material as possible. In this case, because they were artists, we wanted to recreate this sort of artistic mold into the clothes,” says Delgado of his work. “Yes, we definitely did base a lot of ideas—we didn’t copy things completely except the dress that Gerda is painting of a portrait of Ulla as a ballerina. It was the only dress we copied completely. The rest, we tried much more to get the feeling of the painting. What sort of feelings they had in sense of color, in terms of sensuality, in terms of what materials Gerda was depicting. And trying to get that translated into what they were wearing at the time. But I mean, much of the research was made around the designers of the period.”

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Delgado is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume Design for the same film.

Here’s the complete list of tonight’s winners:

Excellence in Fantasy Film: Mad Max: Fury Road, Jenny Beavan
Excellence in Period Film: The Danish Girl, Paco Delgado
Excellence in Contemporary Film: Beasts of No Nation, Jenny Eagan
Excellence in Short Form Design: Most Interesting Man in the World Wins on Land, Sea & Air, Dos Equis Commercial, Julie Vogel
Outstanding Fantasy Television Series: Game of Thrones, Michele Clapton
Outstanding Period Television Series: The Knick, Ellen Mirojnick
Outstanding Contemporary Television Series: American Horror Story: Hotel, Lou Eyrich