Calle 13 Joins Voices with Outernational on “Todos Somos Ilegales”

Calle 13 is known for its known for its satirical lyrics and social commentary about Latin American issues and culture… And now the Latin Grammy record-holding group is back with another politically charged song…

The Puerto Rican hip-hop duo, comprised of step brothers Eduardo Cabra and Rene Perez, has joined forces with Nuyorican band, Outernational, for their new track also featuring Tom Morello and Chad Smith.

Calle 13

Entitled “Todos Somos Ilegales” (“We Are All Illegals“), the track brings to light the social injustices affecting the immigrant community and challenges the use of the term “illegal” to define human beings in the U.S.

The new song is part of Outernational’s 18-track new album, Todos Somos Illegales.