Romero Hard at Work on English and Spanish Projects

Fernanda Romero is setting out to be a crossover queen…

The 30-year-old Mexican actress and singer, who just finished starring in the highly acclaimed film El Fantastico Mundo de Juan Oro by Sebastian del Amo, has a number of projects to premiere in Spanish and English, as she hopes to make her mark in the entertainment world on both sides of the border.

Fernanda Romero

Romero is currently appearing in Chamacas, a comedy show on the Hispanic online entertainment channel Nuevon, which is broadcast on YouTube and is the property of actress Sofia Vergara.

She’s also just wrapped production of the English-language films Ghost Team One, a supernatural adventure, and Mission Park, the story of four close friends who head off in very different directions. Addtionally, Romero’s romantic comedy Pendejo, in which she stars opposite Raja Fenske, Danny Trejo, Laksh Singh and others was recently released on DVD.

“I feel blessed by all the projects coming my way. I believe you start sowing and suddenly all those little seeds start to flower. But you can’t sit back and rest – you have to keep giving your all and opening new doors,” Romero, born and raised in Mexico City, told Efe.

Romero’s credits include El alma herida, La ley del silencio, The Eye and a guest-starring role on Entourage.