Selena Gomez Releases Music Video for Latest Single “Back to You”

Selena Gomez is coming back to you

The 25-year-old Mexican-American singer/actress has released the music video for the latest single “Back to You” from the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack.

Selena Gomez 

In the clip, Gomez reenacts a sprightly grand theft auto with her dream beau. Following the premiere of the second season of the Netflix Original series, Gomez — the executive producer – channels Charlie Chaplin to execute the retro neon-colored clip.

The “Hands to Myself” singer stands in the corner of a party, wearing a green and purple sequined dress with a guy that can’t quite ruffle her feathered sleeves. Another blonde cutie catches her eye when she asks him privately “Do you want to steal a car?” He agrees, and they sneak away in a romantic getaway style, only to be ruined when he notices, “You know, you sort of look like Selena Gomez.”

Gomez acts out a flurry of emotions – happy, bored, anger, drama and surprised – and scrunches her face in a lineup of emoji reenactments she has teased on her Instagram account. The couple documents their runaway with a vintage Polaroid camera and camcorder. The video switches to filming Gomez on the retro recorder for takes of her running through an open field.

The yellow and orange undertones make Gomez pop, but the red convertible she and her beau steal catches ablaze when she lights it on fire to cover up their tracks. “If I could do it all again, I know I’d go back to you,” she sings on the chorus, while sneaking back into the party, inhabiting the same corner, and asking the same guy to do it all again.

Fernández Makes History Again by Winning Skate Canada…

Javier Fernández López continues skating his way into the history books…

Following his strong performance in the short program, which put him in the lead, the 21-year-old Spanish figure skater upset two-time world champion Patrick Chan in his own country this weekend to win the Skate Canada men’s title.

Javier Fernández López

Fernández, whose silver at Skate Canada last year was the first Grand Prix medal for a Spanish skater, finished with 253.94 points. His score was an impressive 10 points better than Chan, who had won the previous three Skate Canada titles. Nobunari Oda of Japan was third with 238.34 points.

“It was my first gold internationally, so it just feels amazing,” said Fernández, who one-upped his history-making performance one year ago to become the first Spanish skater to win a Grand Prix gold medal. “It’s not about Patrick, it’s about all the skaters. Patrick is still Patrick. He’s a star. Of course he could have skated better. But it’s only one competition, there’s a lot of competitions in this year.”

Javier Fernández López

After falling on his opening triple toe, which was planned as a quad toe, Fernández rallied and hit everything else in his program, including a quad salchow and the second attempt of his quad toe. Generally weaker in the later stages of his free skate, he kept going strong through his free skate, hitting six clean triples to complement the two quads he landed. The judges rewarded him with a 253.94 and the gold.

Coached by Canadians Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson, Fernández’s Charlie Chaplin-themed short program was choreographed by David Wilson.

Chan, second after the short program, could not rival Fernández’s firepower. Though he opened brilliantly with a quad toe-double toe, he put his hand down on his second quad and made mistakes on his triple axel and second triple lutz. Chan maintained his second place standing, comforted by a step-up from his poor start at the Japan Open a few weeks ago.

Fernández Leads the Pack at Skate Canada by a Quad (Toe Loop)

Javier Fernández López is proving to be a quad star…

The 21-year-old Spanish figure skater stands atop the leader board at Skate Canada International after landing a textbook quad toe loop during his short program.

Javier Fernandez

Fernández – the first Spanish skater to win a Grand Prix medal when he won silver at last year’s Skate Canada International – leads the pack with a score of 85.87.

Canada’s Patrick Chan, last year’s winner and a two-time world champion, scored 82.52 points for his program choreographed by former world champion Jeff Buttle, and set to music by Rachmaninoff. Japan’s Nobunari Oda was third with 82.14.

Coached by Canadians Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson, Fernández’s Zorro-themed short program was choreographed by David Wilson.

Fernández will next perform his Charlie Chaplin-themed free skate on Sunday to see if he can pull off the upset and defeat Chan, who was third after a sloppy short program last year at Skate Canada before roaring back to win the title.

Fernández , who represented Spain at the 2010 Winter Olympics, is also the first Spaniard to medal at a Grand Prix Final when he won bronze in 2011.