Reyes Releases New Single “Louder”

Sofía Reyes is getting loud(er)

The 20-year-old Mexican singer and songwriter has released her new single “Louder,” featuring Canadian artist Francesco Yates, and trumpeter Spencer Ludwig.

Sofía Reyes45

The upbeat and energetic Spanglish track, the theme song for Garnier Fructis Mexico #NoCortes campaign, will be part of Reyes upcoming debut album.

“This song represents the completely fun side of what music should be,” the “Solo Yo” singer said about the tune, which she co-wrote with her manager, Charlie Guerrero, and Scott Effman.

“It’s a song that happened in a very natural non-forced way. That’s why it feels so free, so fun. Roman X randomly sent us the track and Charlie (my manager) and me sat down and wrote it for fun, and it just happened. ‘Louder!’ channels all the freedom of being who you are, doing what you love and living every single moment. Working with Spencer and Francesco was not only a delight but a privilege. They brought so much to the table and they have the vibe we want to channel: Don’t let anything ever stop you, live the life to the max, enjoy it as nothing makes more noise than love. #LoveIsLoud.”