“Glee” Star Larsen Shaves His Signature Dreadlocks

Samuel Larsen no longer has a dreaded hairstyle…

The 21-year-old half-Mexican actor, who has a recurring role on Fox’s Glee, has chopped off his signature dreads.

Samuel Larsen

Larsen recently shared an image of his freshly shorn locks, as taken by photographer Chelsea Lauren.

“Just for the record my neck feels freakin awesome okay. Seriously. #holla,” the winner of Oxygen’s The Glee Project season 1 tweeted, before Larsen followed up the message with, “Thank you for all the love you guys.”

Larsen wanted to ditch his dreadlocks a long time ago.

“I’m very much over my hair. If it was up to me, I’d have cut it a long time ago,” he told TV Line in 2011. “I called my agent a year ago telling her I wanted to cut my hair because I thought it limited me too much.”

He elaborated his reasoning, “I wanted to try to get more mainstream roles, and she talked me out of it. I guess that [Glee co-creator] Ryan [Murphy] liked it and I’m okay with that, but I do look at keeping my hair as more of a burden.”