Chabán to Host & Produce a Web-Based Healthy Living Talk Show

He’s written about his own childhood struggle with obesity… And, now Alejandro Chabán is taking his healthy eating message to the internet.

The 30-year-old Venezuelan actor and writer—who wrote a book entitled De Gordo a Galan, where he opened up about his suicide attempt due to his obesitywill executive produce and host an informative and motivational talk show on YouTube’s NuevOn channel.

Alejandro Chaban

Entitled Yes, You Can with Chabán, the talk show will seek to inform and inspire the public to improve their quality of life.

“This it is my greatest dream, the mission of my life to bring to the young public a message about my way of living healthy and that they have a weekly resource with my show that will live there on YouTube 24 hours a day, seven days a week, available always to help them” says Chabán, who has starred in various telenovelas, as well as guest-starred on Monk.

In each episode, Chabán will use elements related to food, as well as parts comedy, parts drama and parts of reality television to educate people on how to lead a healthy life.

“To lose weight, to get in shape and learn about nutrition doesn’t have to be boring, on the contrary,” says Chabán. “My showwill be directed to that web audience on YouTube that does not only want to lose weight, but stay healthy and educate their brothers and sisters, children and families on living a healthy and happy life.”

Yes, You Can with Chabán will premiere on Monday, April 16 on YouTube.