Enrique Iglesias to Release New Version of Jon Z’s “Despues Que Te Perdi”

Winter is coming for Enrique Iglesias

The 43-year-old Spanish singer is returning with new music… And he’s giving fans a sneak peek.

Enrique Iglesias & Jon Z

Iglesias is set to release a new version of Jon Z’s “Despues Que Te Perdi.”

The teaser clip shows Iglesias and Jon Z in a winter wonderland, and features a shot of a piano outdoors in the snow.

The original song, released February 15,  shows that the Latin rapper also has a sweet heart. The track is about a breakup which, in this case, he knows is his fault. The single strays from typical Jon Z songs, which often cover topics like partying every day.

The new version of “Despues Que Te Perdi” by Iglesias and Jon Z will be available on Wednesday, March 13.