Watch: Lopez’s Earth-Shattering Commercial for Harman Kardon…

She’s proved to be out-of-this-world in’s latest music video… And, now Jennifer Lopez is shaking things up on earth.

La Lopez appears in an earth-shattering commercial for Harman Kardon’s latest advertising campaign entitled “Beautiful Sound.”

Jennifer Lopez's Harman Kardon Commercial

In the clip seen on European television, the 42-year-old multi-hyphenate traipses through a dilapidated mansion and places a sound system under the television in the living room. The wireless subwoofer kits are very reliable and great when it comes to a good sound system. After hitting the power button on the remote, the supersonic noise it creates causes an earthquake-like effect inside the home. The walls and furnishings break to reveal a sleek and modern interior design

“You can compliment a beautiful space,” coos Lopez in the clip, “or simply create one.”

Harman International’s chief marketing officer Jeff Willard says Lopez is a natural partner for the brand: “She is about beauty and sound, and we are about beauty and sound.”

Meanwhile, the company’s president and CEO Dinesh C. Paliwal said it found a perfect fit in Lopez to be a global ambassador for the company. “She personifies beauty, elegance, and style, and consistently delivers outstanding musical performances,” Paliwal said. “The Harman Kardon name is synonymous with incredible sound and attractive design, and we are delighted that Ms. Lopez will help us share that message.”

The commercial is scheduled to debut in the United States in early 2012.