Camila Cabello Joins Voices with Alejandro Sanz on “Mi Persona Favorita”

Camila Cabellois joining voices with one of her idols…

The 22-year-old Mexican/Cuban singer appears on Alejandro Sanz’s new 10-track album El Disco, which will be released on April 5.

Camila Cabello & Alejandro Sanz

The album includes Cabello and Sanz’s collaboration, “Mi Persona Favorita.” 

The “Havana” singer. who has expressed her admiration for Sanz many times, opened up about the collaboration on Instagram.

“Last summer Alejandro called me and asked me if I could travel to Miami to record a song together for his new album,” she wrote. “It’s not a secret that I’ve been a fan of his my whole life and his proposal left me petrified. Without waiting a minute more, I took the first flight to Miami!!!”

She then sent a sweet message to the “Corazón Partío” singer, stating that his music has been the soundtrack to her life since forever. 

“Now I have the privilege to call you my friend and collaborator (I still can’t believe it!!) Making this song with you has been very special and a total adventure. Thank you for thinking of me and inviting me to work together,” she wrote.

Cabello then signed off by dedicating this collaboration to her little sister, Sofi, who’s her “favorite person.”

Sanz, on the other hand, shared snippets of the song on his Instagram and announced that “Mi Persona Favorita” will be released on Thursday, March 28.

Alejandro Sanz Shares Track List for New Album, El Disco

Alejandro Sanzis joining voices with some of music’s biggest stars for his next album…

The 50-year-old Spanish singer‘s new album El Disco is almost out, and Sanz is giving his fans a sneak peek.

Alejandro Sanz

The “La Tortura” singer has posted the new project’s track list on his social media accounts.

Sanz’s El Disco, his 13th studio album, includes 10 tracks — four of which are collaborations with the likes of Camila Cabello, Nicky JamResidente and Judit Neddermann

“I hope everyone likes it when it comes out, but it’s launching in no time,” Sanz previously told Billboard about the album.

On social media, Sanz also shared behind-the-scenes clips and the photo session for the cover art. 

El Disco will be released on April 5.