Lali Esposito to Star in the TV Adaptation of Tamara Tenenbaum’s Book “El fin del amor”

It’s the beginning of the endfor Lali Esposito

The 28-year-old Argentine singer/actress has been tapped to star in a Spanish-language series based on the best-selling bookEl fin del amor: Querer y cogerfrom Argentinian author Tamara Tenenbaum.

Lali Esposito

Born and raised in an Orthodox Jewish community in the heart of Balvanera, Tenenbaum learned the affective and sexual customs of the secular world as an anthropologist who discovers the ways of being and doing of an unknown civilization. Starting from feminist philosophy and militancy, from conversations with friends and companions, and from the attempt to turn one’s own body and experience into a laboratory of personal and collective reflection, Tenenbaum explores the challenges that young people face today at the beginning of their lives as adults.

The project hails from MGM International Television as part of the company’s Latinxcontent initiative.

Launched last year, MGM International Television is dedicated to developing culturally rich programming with Latinx talent both in front of and behind the camera for English- and Spanish-speaking audiences around the world.

Esposito has previously starred in the telenovelas ChiquititasFloricienta and Casi Ángeles. She’s part of the upcoming animated feature Trolls World Tour.

She released her last album, Brava, in 2018.