Zaror Starring in the Spanish-Language Action Film “Redeemer”

Marko Zaror is hunting down bad guys…

The 35-year-old Chilean martial artist, actor, and stuntman is starring in XYZ Film’s Spanish-language action film Redeemer, which is now filming in Chile.

Marko Zaror

In his fourth project with director Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, Zaror stars as an ex-hitman who’s made a deal with God to hunt down the men he used to work for.

Zaror’s roles in Espinoza’s Kiltro and Mirageman as well as 2010′s Undisputed III: Redemption helped put him on the map in the contemporary action game as one of a new generation of international action stars building global followings through genre films.

Zaror, a martial artist trained in multiple disciplines, recently starred as Mel Gibson’s henchman in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills.