Lopez Launches Underwear Line…

Here’s your chance to get into Mario Lopez’s underwear…

The 38-year-old actor-turned-Extra-host has partnered with 2(x)ist to launch his own line of underwear.

Mario Lopez Underwar Line

Called Rated M, the three-level line features basic underwear and tank tops (Elementary), dressier pieces (Atelier) and athletic undergarments (Play). The line includes briefs, boxer briefs, tank tops, undershirts and more in a wide range of colors and styles. The underwear even feature a patented “M” logo.

“It’s smart, sexy and masculine,” says Lopez, who models the line, adding that his underwear “goes from the boardroom to the bedroom and everywhere in between.”

Available at FreshPair.com, the line is described as being “for manful men and their very special guests.” The site advertises the underwear with a photo of a shirtless Lopez modeling his wares.