Café Tacvba to Release New Album “Jei Beibi” in May, Relase New Single “Que no”

It’ll be a special Cinco de Mayo for Café Tacvba fans…

Following the premiere of the Mexican band’s latest singles “Un par de lugares,” “Futuro” and “Disolviéndonos,” Café Tacvba has finally announced May 5 as the release date for their new album Jei Beibi

Café Tacvba

The Mexican quartet also dropped a ’70s-inspired ballad titled “Que no” along with the announcement.

“‘Que no’ is a song about love and heartbreak,” songwriter and bassist Quique Rangel said in a statement. “We were able to reach sounds that we had never explored before and evoke rock bands from the ’70s.”

Jei Beibi follows the Mexican band’s 2012 Grammy-nominated LP El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco.

Here’s a look at the band’s upcoming tour dates in the U.S.:

April 20 – New York
September 17 – Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)
October 15 – Los Angeles (Walt Disney Hall with Gustavo Dudamel and Los Angeles Philharmonic)

Café Tacvba Releases Brand New Single “Futuro”

The futuro looks bright for Café Tacvba

The Mexican band has released a brand new single titled “Futuro,” just in time for the new year.

Café Tacvba

The track features deep lyrics about a fresh new start and enjoying the here and now.

“The relationship between life and death and the perception of time are two themes that ‘Futuro’ explores without solemnity or optimism,” says band member and vocalist on the track Quique Rangel. “But it also points to a brighter promise if we allow ourselves to recognize the here and now (without the desire to be a self-help song).”

Emmanuel Del Real (aka Meme), who developed the electronic programming in the song, adds: “It was Quique’s turn and he brought us ‘Futuro.’ This is one of those songs that, when it arrived to the group, gave us the opportunity to be who we really are: a group who is always trying to reinvent ourselves and take risks. This is a song that has a lot of qualities: it’s primitive yet sophisticated, it has a great sense of humor yet the lyrics are deep. It has elements that allow us, in a fun way, to shape this piece that represents the freedom of creativity that exists within Café Tacvba.”

The folk song with electronica beats and vocals by Rangel and lead singer Rubén Albarrán was produced by the legendary Gustavo Santaolalla, who’s been a longtime collaborator of the band.

“Futuro” follows the chilanga banda‘s single “Un par de lugares,” which premiered back in September.

Both tracks will part of Café Tacvba’s forthcoming album due in spring.