McCreery Hits a National Anthem Homer Despite Mic Issue…

He may have experienced a slight mic malfunction on his first at-bat, but Scotty McCreery didn’t let that stop him from performing a rousing, countrified rendition of the National Anthem last night at Game 1 of the World Series

McCreery’s microphone didn’t appear to be on when he originally launched into “The Star-Spangled Banner,” so the 18-year-old North Carolina native started over again. In no time, his deep voice filled St. Louis’ Busch Stadium.

Wearing jeans and a windbreaker with the words “World Series” written across the front, the part-Puerto Rican singer’s rendition was basically flawless. The “American Idol” winner didn’t flub any lines or skip verses. He just performed the National Anthem beautifully in his country style.

For the huge baseball fan, this was probably one of the biggest moments of his life, especially with First Lady Michelle Obama in attendance. And he took the task seriously, barely cracking a smile until the very end.

“well, as mr George Strait would say, I wasn’t here for a long time, but I was here for a good time! Great time in St. Louis yesterday!” he’d later tweet.

This year’s World Series pits the American League’s Texas Rangers at the National League’s St. Louis Cardinals. Last night’s game result in a 3-2 Cardinals victory over the Rangers.