Daddy Yankee is the Face of Allstate’s New App-Focused Campaign

Daddy Yankee is in good hands

The 39-year-old Puerto Rican singer-songwriter leads Allstate‘s brand new, app-focused campaign.

Daddy Yankee

The ad begins with the “Gasolina” singer using an app to find his car in a crowded parking lot. Then, for 30 seconds, Daddy Yankee proceeds to make the concept of car insurance cool.\

The campaign, titled “Estar en buenas manos nos da más,” is the Spanish iteration of Allstate’s “It’s good to be in good hands.” Except that for the first time in any language, the insurance company is using a pop artist to get its point across

“We wanted to leverage someone who was really well known and who really transcended all Hispanic cultures,” says Georgina Flores, Allstate’s vice president of product marketing. “He really was our first choice.”

Instead of going for a venerable, older celebrity, Allstate went for younger-but-respected. “We wanted younger, yes, but also broader,” said Flores. “We wanted to make sure that the artist an his or her music would be popular regardless of precedence.”