Cruz the Star of Campari’s 2013 Calendar

Penelope Cruz will be the lady in red” next year…

The 38-year-old Spanish actress is starring in Campari’s latest calendar.

Penelope Cruz for Campari

In the 2013 installment, Cruz will appear in a series of seductive images by German photographer Kristian Schuller that were shot on location at an elegant, classic Parisian palace.

Cruz, who just recently saw a wax figure of her likeness installed at the The Grevin Wax Museum in Paris, wears a series of burgundy outfits in the photos. In one series, Cruz’s hair flows loosely; in another her hair swept back in a bun.

Cruz even resembles the legendary Audrey Hepburn in some of the shots, especially with the way her is styled.

The calendar for the Italian aperitif maker will debut in Milan this fall with a run of 9,000 copies. In addition, the images will appear in Campari’s advertising.

Penelope Cruz for Campari

In previous years, the Campari calendar has featured other actresses and models, including  Milla Jovovich, Jessica Alba and Olga Kurylenko.

Cruz Gets “Waxed” for Paris’ Grevin Wax Museum…

Penelope Cruz is officially waxtastic

A wax sculpture of the 38-year-old Spanish actress will be placed in a prime spot in a Paris museum, joining similar statues of Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Penelope Cruz's Wax Figure

The Grevin Wax Museum decided to include this year’s Key To The Cure ambassador in its list of stars to “pay tribute to this essential actress who has asserted herself on the world level as well as on the Spanish one,” the museum’s communications director, Veronique Berecz, told Efe.

Finishing the sculpture has taken six months, during which time sculptor Eric de Saint Chaffray, lacking the real model to work from, has had to create the wax image by “improvising and imagining” her look from images taken from the Internet and clips of her films.

The work has been “arduous” and the pressure “constant,” since the Spanish film icon “is part of a group of superstars, beautiful women with great charm, and those attributes had to be given expression in the (wax) figure,” said Saint Chaffray.

The result is a remarkably lifelike replica of Cruz – with her long, dark hair gathered into a bun and wearing an elegant evening gown made of lace, velvet and blue gemstones – who seems to be looking at the camera out of the corner of her eye with an enigmatic half-smile.