Introducing Thalia’s New Man!

It’s no wonder Thalía is all smiles on the latest cover of Spanish-language magazine, Hola! She’s showing off one of her “greatest hits,” her newborn son Matthew Alejandro Mottola.

The 40-year-old Mexican singer/actress, who gave birth to little Matthew on June 25, couldn’t be happier.

“I have never been so crazy in love with a man,” Thalía confessed.

Matthew appears all wide-eyed in his mother’s arms on the cover of the weekly Spanish-language magazine.

He’s Thalía’s second child with her music producer husband Tommy Mottola. The pair have a daughter, 3-year-old Sabrina Sakaë.

“I know my son was born a gladiator because his first battle against pain, distress and loss was something he lived through in my belly during the last month of my pregnancy with the death of my mother,” the telenovela star says of her son. Thalia’s mom died of heart disease earlier this way. Shortly after, she expressed her grief on Twitter.

“Half of my soul has died today… I feel as if I’m dying slowly… thank you for your prayers for my warrior, for my mother,” the singer tweeted.

So could three-month-old Matthew be destined for a career in music? Possibly!

“He loves to listen to mambo and sleeps to the music, so I play Pérez-Prado and it’s done!” says Thalía, who is hard at work on a new album. “I love it because he came out like my grandmother, she loved to listen to mambo every day.”

Although she’d like to have another child in the near future, Thalía wants to finish up some of her current projects, including her work on a new album and autobiography.

Cover image courtesy of Hola! magazine.