Bledel Starring Opposite Katherine Heigl in “Jenny’s Wedding”

It’s wedding belles for Alexis Bledel

The 33-year-old half-Argentine American actress and former Gilmore Girls star is starring opposite Katherine Heigl in the upcoming film Jenny’s Wedding.

Alexis Bledel in Jenny's Wedding

Heigl stars as Jenny, a closeted lesbian who’s secretly dating her “roommate” Kitty (portrayed by Bledel). But when Jenny decides she wants to get married, she’s forced to come out to her family, who doesn’t take the news too well.

Bledel talked about her character in an interview with lesbian magazine Curve in 2014.

“She doesn’t expect Jenny to come home and say that she wants to get married one day,” she said. “That’s probably the last thing she ever expected her to say. It’s something that she was hesitant to want because she didn’t know if that was something Jenny would be capable of since she hadn’t even told her family she was a lesbian.”

Jenny’s Wedding hits theaters on July 31 and VOD on August 1.