Myke Towers Returns to His Roots in Third Studio Album “Lyke Myke”

Myke Towers is giving fans something to lyke

The 27-year-old Puerto Rican rapper, singer and songwriter has released his third studio album Lyke Mike.

Myke Towers

On the opening track, Towers drops a dramatic trap where he simply tells his haters: “Look at me now.”

Lyke Mike, an ode to basketball, el barrio and, his biggest inspiration, Michael Jordan, is a comeback to the sound and lyrics that made Towers a household name: the underground rap scene.

Myke Towers, Lyke Myke

An ultra-personal production, with an album cover in the front of his childhood home in Puerto Rico, Towers narrates his struggles and successes as heard in “Cuando Me Ven,” “Joven Leyenda,” “Roncarme,” “Niveles” and “Maldita Envidia,” to name a few.

Unlike his sophomore set Easy Money Baby, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Latin Albums chart, Lyke Mike steps away from commercial reggaeton and Latin R&B sounds and navigates the roots: hip-hop, trap, and drill.

“The lyrics I wrote come with the same amount of heart I put into them when I first started on this journey,” Towers expressed in a statement.

Collaborations on Lyke Mike include Mikey Woodz, Ñengo Flow, Jon Z and Sahir.

The Natti Natasha-Executive-Produced YouTube Originals’ Series “Bravas” Launching This Week

Natti Natasha is expanding her creative realm…

The 33-year-old Dominican singer and songwriter is launching a new stage in her career as an executive producer for YouTube Originals’ upcoming series Bravas.

Natti Natasha

The eight-episode series, produced by Cinema Giants and directed and executive produced by Jessy Terrero, tells the story of three friends and aspiring artists –Mila (Audri Nix), Roja (Nohemy) and Ashley (Amanda Antonella) — who form a musical group called La Milagrosa and are on a mission to find their place in the world.

“Through music, they want to talk about the issues that are happening in their lives,” Natasha tells Billboard. “They are using their voices to vent as women. We’re going to see the things that girls and women go through in order to reach their goals, such as people not believing in you and the sacrifices.”

Bravas, which is written and produced by Kisha Burgos, is also a celebration of Latin music and culture.

“I immediately said ‘yes,’” Natasha said of her role as executive producer. “This is my first time ever and I’m very happy. I’m always going to try to serve as a platform and be a voice for all girls and women.”

The series, which began developing before the global pandemic, also counts the participation of artists like WisinJon ZDe La Ghetto and more. “They’re all going to be acting. It’s going to be interesting to see them in this light,” Natasha says.

Bravas will premiere at 6:00 pm ET on Wednesday on Natti Natasha’s YouTube channel.

PJ Sin Suela Releases “La Pelua” Remix with Guaynaa, Jon Z & Rafa Pabón

PJ Sin Suelais out with new music…

The Puerto Rican rapper has joined voices with GuaynaaJon Z and Rafa Pabón to launch “La Pelúa” remix.

PJ Sin Suela, Guaynaa, Jon Z & Rafa Pabón

In Puerto Rico, “La Pelua” is a refrain that’s sung at parties or at some fun time among friends and always indicates the person who should dance it. 

“Queremos que (name) nos baile la pelúa, por aqui y por allá.

“La Pelúa is a song for all the ladies who are natural and humble so that they feel safe and have a good time in her own,” PJ Sin Suela tells Billboard.  

Now, PJ Sin Suela’s version with Guaynaa, Jon Z and Rafa Pabon completely twists the fun chorus. The single is a fusion of rhythms from cumbia to reggaeton with up tempo beats that create a sexy urban rhythm that with its lyrics describe how the person is dancing la pelúa.  

The video for La Pelúa remix recreates an everyday scene of growing up in Puerto Rico. PJ Sin Suela, Jon Z, Rafa Pabón and Guaynaa can be seen having fun riding bikes, checking out girls, having a car wash and playing as a band in the garage. The chemistry between the four artists is captured in the video directed by long-time collaborator Edgar Cruz Robles and Pedro-Juan Vázquez Bragan (PJ Sin Suela). 

“We are friends so it was a pleasure to work with them and the video is a typical summer in Puerto Rico, that if cleaning cars in the carwash, running bike, trying to learn music, is very colorful and I hope everyone enjoyed it,” concluded PJ Sin Suela.

Enrique Iglesias to Release New Version of Jon Z’s “Despues Que Te Perdi”

Winter is coming for Enrique Iglesias

The 43-year-old Spanish singer is returning with new music… And he’s giving fans a sneak peek.

Enrique Iglesias & Jon Z

Iglesias is set to release a new version of Jon Z’s “Despues Que Te Perdi.”

The teaser clip shows Iglesias and Jon Z in a winter wonderland, and features a shot of a piano outdoors in the snow.

The original song, released February 15,  shows that the Latin rapper also has a sweet heart. The track is about a breakup which, in this case, he knows is his fault. The single strays from typical Jon Z songs, which often cover topics like partying every day.

The new version of “Despues Que Te Perdi” by Iglesias and Jon Z will be available on Wednesday, March 13.