Ally Brooke Shows Off Her Dance Moves in New “No Good” Music Video

Ally Brookeis up to no good… with a sexy dance partner.

The 26-year-old Mexican American singer and former Fifth Harmony member showing off her Dancing with the Stars moves in her just-releasedmusic video for “No Good.”

Ally Brooke

Ally Brooke samples the Kelly Charlesclassic “You’re No Good For Me” to make a modern anthem for the independent woman, but her ex-turned-dance partner puts on the moves to win her back in a sensual routine. 

Even though she finished in third place on the ABCreality dance competition, Ally Brooke pulls off some mesmerizing, fluid choreography that captures the drama she’s singing about. 

From digging her heels right into his chest to letting him twirl her all over the floor, it feels like she’s dancing with the devil — and she let her fans know on Twitterthat it wasn’t easy.

When one fan asked about the hardest part of the choreography, she replied, “There was a sequence of moves, with the spin at the end. I kept getting extremely nauseous and dizzy after every take, I literally almost PASSED OUT. But it was worth it lol.”

Ally Brooke Unleashes New Dance-tastic Single “No Good”

Ally Brooke Hernandez is up to no good

The 26-year-old Mexican American singer and former Fifth Harmony member has released her latest single, the disco-fied “No Good.”

Ally Brooke Hernandez,

The track bubbles along on a funky bass line and four-on-the-floor dance beat as Ally Brooke laments, “Make a promise that I’m leaving/ But my heart only wants what it wants/ In the madness what a feeling/ I’m hung up should be hanging it up.” 

Ally Brooke, a finalist on this season of Dancing With the Stars, gives off a letting it all hang loose vibe on the single, as she not-so-convincingly states, “You’re no good for me/ I don’t need nobody/ Don’t need no one/ That’s no good for me,” even as she sings about how hard it is to stay away. 

The song was written by JHart Danny MajicSermstyleand Madison Loveand it samples the 1987 Kelly Charleshouse classic “You’re No Good For Me.”

Unlike her previous singles, “Low Key,” “Lips Don’t Lie” and “Higher,” the grooving “No Good” doesn’t have a feature. 

Brooke is expected to release her solo debut album in 2020.