Francisca Valenzuela to Take Part in the Grammy Museum’s Mentorship Monday Program

Francisca Valenzuela will be your guide…

The 33-year-old Chilean American singer, poet and multi-instrumentalist will take part in the Grammy Museum’s new Mentorship Monday program in partnership with Grammy U and former First Lady Michelle Obama‘s Reach Higher initiative.

Francisca Valenzuela

Every Monday beginning next week through August 31, top-tier music industry professionals like Valenzuela will mentor college students and recent graduates via digital conferencing. 

In addition to Valenzuela, mentors include artists Sam FischerTikyra “TK” JacksonLedisi, three-time Grammy winners Little Big TownMelanie Pfirrman and Sasha Sloan, as well as Recording Academy members. 

The sessions will give students an opportunity to connect with established music industry professionals and creatives, and will serve as a valuable tool for information, advice and exploration within a wide variety of music careers and topics as they pursue their own careers.

“The Grammy Museum’s new Mentorship Monday program exemplifies the Museum’s mission to uphold music’s value in our lives through education and collaboration between professionals and aspiring creatives,” said Michael Sticka, president of the Grammy Museum. “I’d like to thank Reach Higher and Grammy U for helping make this program a reality.”

“Reach Higher is excited to partner with the Grammy Museum to bring mentorship to students this summer.” said Eric Waldo, Executive Director of Reach Higher. “Music helps us hear each other more fully and to share ourselves with one another authentically. Now more than ever is a wonderful time for professionals and artists to harness the unifying and uplifting power of music to support students as they explore and pursue educational and career opportunities in all facets of the recording industry,”

While the sessions are currently invitation-only, a selection will be released in the future as part of Reach Higher’s Beating the Odds Summit, and a selection of public-facing mentorship sessions will be available via Instagram Live.

 Valenzuela released her latest album, La Fortaleza, in January.The album consists of 14 tracks, including the singles “Tómame,” “Héroe” and “Flotando.”

Francisca Valenzuela Releases New Album “La Fortaleza”

Francisca Valenzuela is back with new music…

The 32-year-old Chilean-American singer-songwriter has released her highly anticipated fourth album, La Fortaleza

Francisca Valenzuela

It had been six years since Valenzuela had released a new album. 

“What was I doing these last six years? Good question,” the Chilean singer-songwriter said in a phone interview with Billboard. “Getting my sh– together and making a commitment to music and to art on my own terms.”

The 14-track pop album, which she says “became more of a diary,” explores the ups and downs of life and finding the strength to embark on a journey that will take you from darkness to light. The lyrics also stay true to her commitment to champion femininity and feminism.

The musician and entrepreneur, who founded Ruidosa, a Latinx feminist festival and digital platform that celebrates women “making noise,” says the revolution in Chile had an impact on her personally and musically.

 La Fortalezawas ready to be released in 2019 but was postponed and “for all good reason,” she says. “There are other priorities too, and that’s fine.” 

In October, the government’s decision to increase subway fares in Chile sparked massive protests that turned deadly and violent. 

The protests gave a new meaning to a track on the album titled “Al Final del Mundo” and inspired Francisca to write new songs that she promises will be released eventually.