Maluma & Carlos Rivera Pair Up for the Mariachi Ballad “100 Años”

Maluma is switchin’ genres…

The 26-year-old Colombian singer has joined voices with Carlos Rivera for a stripped-down mariachi ballad titled “100 Años,” produced by Edgar Barrera.

Carlos Rivera & Maluma

Maluma and the Mexican singer-songwriter’s unprecedented and emotional collaboration promises to be the next breakup anthem.

While it may bear a similar title to Mexican icon Pedro Infante’s “100 Años, ” Maluma and Rivera’s collaboration is a completely new song that they wrote with hitmaker Barrera and Vicente Barco.

“This song is an encounter between two friends who called a mariachi, and after a pair of tequila shots wanted to sing ranchera music, ” Rivera said in a statement.

“100 Años” may appear to be Maluma’s first stab at regional Mexican music, but he took on the genre in 2014 on “La Invitación” with his compatriot Pipe Bueno.

While “La Invitación” was a fusion of regional Mexican music and reggaeton, Maluma goes full mariachi singer on his take on “100 Años” and digs deep to capture the emotion of their heartfelt lyrics.

Bueno Collaborates with Maluma to Record “La Invitación”

Pipe Bueno is extending an Invitación

The 24-year-old Colombian singer, who earned a Latin Grammy nomination in 2009 for best grupero album, a regional Mexican genre, has joined voices with good friend Maluma to record “La Invitación.”

Pipe Bueno

Bueno’s new track is a blend of pop and reggaetón, with a nod to grupero in the accordion intro.

Bueno and Maluma shot a homemade video on their cell phones and posted it on YouTube; it has more than 173 million views.

Now, under new management (German Gonzalez of Emax Entertainment), Bueno is ready to make a massive splash with “La Invitación.”

Bueno has amassed 4.7 million likes on Facebook and 2.3 million followers on Instagram.