Natalia Jiménez Signs with Sergio Lizárraga’s Management & Booking Company LM Events

Natalia Jiménez has new representation…

The 39-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter, who is beloved in Mexico, has signed a management and booking deal with LM Events, the management and booking company headed by Banda MS manager and founder Sergio Lizárraga, according to Billboard.

Natalia Jiménez

The move marks the first time in recent memory that such a prominent pop act enters a management agreement with a company that specializes in the Regional Mexican market. The deal underscores how fluid and collaborative genres have become in Latin music, with the former demarcated lines between sounds and formats, and now business, increasingly fading.

“He [Lizárraga] has been a pioneer of the genre with Banda MS, taking them to international success, and he’s proven his mettle by remaining relevant in a very difficult industry,” Jiménez tells Billboard. “I think it’s a fascinating challenge and I’m 100% vested in this pairing.”

Jiménez rose to prominence as the lead singer of hit Spanish pop group La Quinta Estación. Since launching her solo career in 2011, she’s placed three albums on the top 10 of Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart and six songs on the Hot Latin Songs chart, including No. 1 “Lo mejor de mi vida eres tú” with Ricky Martin.

And for the past decade, Lizárraga’s Banda MS has been one of the top groups in Latin music, in any genre, with 19 top-10 hits on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart.  They are also Mexico’s top-touring banda act and ended 2018 as the country’s most streamed act on Spotify. Last year, the band made history by pairing up with Snoop Dogg in the hit track “Que Maldición.” The fusion track marked the first time a major Mexican banda collaborated with a major American rap act, and landed both acts their first top 10 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs track.

However, signing Jiménez or bridging pop and Mexican music, wasn’t something that Lizárraga was actively looking for. He and Jiménez met in 2019 when the singer and the group recorded a new version of “El Color de Tus Ojos,” a Banda MS hit, as part of Jiménez’s album México de mi Corazón, an homage to Mexican music that featured prominent acts from different genres.

Jiménez wanted to record the track with the full band, so Lizárraga invited her to their home base of Mazatlán to record in his studio. There was a feeling of mutual respect, and last year, Jiménez called Lizárraga and asked if he’d be interested in handling her. “I was surprised at first; I wasn’t sure whether to take her seriously,” says Lizárraga. “Then, we met and I took it very seriously indeed. I know it’s a different genre, but in the end, it’s the music business and a lot of things overlap.”

Lizárraga is widely seen as one of Mexican music’s most successful executives. He helms Banda MS’s label, Lizos Music, launched in 2013, and also opened up LM Events as a management and booking subsidiary for the band and other groups.

“We have a lot of plans [with Natalia],” he says. “I have great songwriters in my team, and she can sing rancheras, mariachis, ballads, which is our expertise. I’m giving her a huge team to work with, in every department, and I’m bringing my honesty, which is flag. Finally, I plan to devote myself entirely to her new music.” Jiménez’s upcoming album is México de Mi Corazón 2, which will be produced by Armando Ávila, who worked on the first set.

She continues to be signed to Sony Music Latin, which also has a close relationship with Banda MS; the label was in charge of distributing and marketing the Snoop Dogg collaboration.

“This is a new and fascinating direction for me, particularly because regional Mexican music is the genre I’m most enjoying right now,” said Jiménez. “This is a woman who, musically speaking can sing anything, in any genre. I definitely feel the pressure,” laughs Lizárraga. “But I like a good challenge.”

Jiménez was previously signed to Westwood Entertainment, the company that manages Carlos Rivera and Reik, among others.

Jimenez Expecting Her First Child

Natalia Jimenez is preparing for a new role…

The 34-year-old Spanish singer has announced via social media that she’s pregnant with her first child with her agent and husband, Daniel Trueba.

Natalia Jimenez

“Surprise! Guess who is going to be a mom? We are very happy to share this story with everyone,” wrote the singer on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

To illustrate the announcement, the Madrid artist published a photo of her with two giant safety pins, although one of them has another smaller one inside it.

The former vocalist with the group La Quinta Estacion, who has lived in Miami since 2009 after residing in Mexico for seven years, said that she and her husband still don’t know the sex of their baby.

“We still don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but we’re happy with whatever comes!” said the singer in response to a congratulatory message from Spanish music producer Tinet Rubira.
Jimenez two days ago posted on Instagram a photo showing almost her entire body and in which not the slightest sign of her pregnancy can be seen.

Last January she had announced her marriage to Trueba via social media with two photos, one of her with a wedding bouquet and the other of her hand with the wedding ring upon her finger.

Jimenez, who will perform on April 28 at the Billboard Latin Music Awards ceremony, and Trueba began dating in 2009.

That same year, the singer had canceled her wedding to Antonio Alcol just hours before the ceremony in the outskirts of Madrid.

Jimenez Collaborating with Franco de Vita & Daddy Yankee

Natalia Jimenez could be called the “collaboration queen”…

Following her successful collaborations with Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony, the 30-year-old Spanish singer and former lead singer of La Quinta Estacion recently collaborated with Franco de Vita and Daddy Yankee after making her debut as a judge on a talent program in her native Spain.

Natalia Jimenez

Jimenez taped “Tan solo tu” with De Vita and worked on “La noche de los dos” with Daddy Yankee, a track that will appear on the Puerto Rican reggaeton star’s next album Prestige.

Meanwhile, Jimenez pulled a Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera by participating in the first Season of the El numero uno, alongside Miguel Bose, Ana Torroja, Sergio Dalma and David Bustamant.

Jimenez says the experience of being a judge was “super great” and, at the same time, it gave her more television visibility in her country, which she believes has helped more people to become familiar with her.

So what’s next for Jimenez? Immersing herself in the songwriting process while preparing to launch a new album. In addition, she’s preparing to go on tour to several U.S. cities including Dallas, Chicago and Anaheim, California, as well as in Venezuela.