Malverde Offering Fans Free Music This Holiday…

They say it’s better to give than to receive… And, this holiday season Malverde is giving his fans an extra special present.

The Latin hip-hop star has released a free four-song EP recorded live from his summer Grand Performances concert.


“We’re very excited about this music,” Malverde told MTV Tr3s about the EP. “We wanted to offer this free download as a nice little holiday gesture.”

Live at Grand Performances—which features a mix of hits and brand new material— sheds a new light on Malverde’s talent. Along with highlighting his rap skills, the EP includes backing by a nine-piece band, which he calls the Maleco Collective.

“I recently launched the Maleco Collective as a side project,” he explained. “It’s still rooted in hip-hop, but it’s a lot more experimental. We rehearsed night and day for the Grand Performances concert and assembled a tight nine-piece unit. Horns, timbales, bass, guitars, drums, they’re all in there.”

Each of the tracks holds a special place in Malverde’s heart—from DJ Boxy Dee’s scratch intro and the socio-political anthem, “Yo Soy La Voz” to the classic “Serenata Para Ti” and a mix tape version of Damien Marley’s “Welcome to Jamrock.”

“A lot of care was taken with these songs,” he said. “We recorded everything live, we had it mixed, we had it mastered. It was really a nice little project.”

So why would Malverde offer such a great EP free-of-charge? One reason:

“A s a little token of appreciation for those who have supported Malverde,” he says.

Click here to download Live at Grand Performances.