Cardi B Shares Snippet of Interview with Democratic Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders

Cardi B is asking the tough questions…

The 26-year-old half-Dominican American rap superstar has shared a snippet of her previously announced interview with Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Cardi B & Bernie Sanders

In the video, posted to the “I Like It” rapper’s Instagram account, Cardi B asks the Vermont senator about wages and recalls a time before she was famous, when she “felt like no matter how many jobs I got, I wasn’t able to make any means.”

Sanders then praised Cardi B for hitting the issue right on the nose, explaining that he proposed legislation that would raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour. He also suggested that as a country, we need to make it easier for workers to join unions so that they can “make a decent living.”

“So I know this is long over due but here it is,” Cardi B wrote alongside the video. “A couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if you all had the chance to ask a Democratic candidate a question, what would that question be? The topic that was mentioned the most by all of you was about raising MINIMUM WAGE. I got the chance to ask @berniesanders about this, and these are his answers. Keep sending your questions, we will be addressing more of these soon!”