Natalia Kills’ Releases Video for Latest Single

Natalia Kills has released her latest video in her quest to become an international singing sensation… But the song’s title may scare listeners of the opposite sex.

Natalia Kills

The 25-year-old half-Uruguayan singer-songwriter’s just-released video for her latest single, “Kill My Boyfriend,” showcases Kills’ killer style as she cruises the streets in a BMW, lounges on a chair and catwalks through the kitchen, among other things.

“Kill My Boyfriend” is the fourth single from Kills’ debut album, “Perfectionist,” which she released last March. Her previous singles include: “Mirrors”, “Wonderland” and “Free.”

Kills, whose real name is Natalia Keery-Fisher, didn’t start out her entertainment career as a singer though… She actually made her acting debut at age 9 in New Voices. Later Kills landed a regular role on the TV sitcom All About Me, as well as a role in the BBC’s long-running radio drama The Archers.

During her time on television and radio she began writing songs, some of which were featured in films and television shows, including Bring It On 4Sleepover, Just My Luck and Entourage.

She even auditioned for the role of Princess Amidala in the Star Wars film series but ultimately lost the part to Natalie Portman. She did note later that, “I auditioned in front of George Lucas, it was amazing.”