Sky Ferreira to Release New Album in Early 2018

Sky Ferreira is making music again…

The 25-year-old part-Brazilian American singer/actress has a new EP on the way.

Sky Ferreira

Ferreira, who recently had a new directorial effort with Marching Church, recently sat down with The Fader to talk about the “Christmas on Earth” music video, but also let slip some details on her long-awaited new release, which looks to include more videos and embrace a more “visual” approach to songwriting.

“It’s an EP that is heavily visual,” she shared. “And the videos will all connect to each other in an abstract way. The visual component isn’t necessarily a concept, it was more of an excuse for me to make videos for all the songs. I do think my songs stand on their own with or without a music video, but I feel that my work represents me more when I get to do the visual stuff.

“It’ll be starting to come out in February, or March, for sure. There’s a group of people I’m working with, and it’s exciting because I’ve never written with so many girls before. There’s a girl that’s writing the EP with me. There are very specific things I wanted to write, and I could write on my own, but I knew she could bring another element of what I wanted to the music.”

The EP follows Ferreira’s debut albumNight Time, My Time, which was released in 2013.

This year, the songwriter performed alongside John CaleAnimal Collective and MGMT as part of Cale’s Velvet Underground & Nico anniversary performances, as well as contributed to the soundtrack for Edgar Wright’s film Baby Driver, in which she also appeared as the title character’s mother in flashbacks.

Ferreira also starred as Ella in this year’s Twin Peaks reboot.

Ferreira Releases Video for The Japanese Christmas-Themed Song “Omanko”

Sky Ferreira is spreading season’s greetings…

The 22-year-old part-Brazilian singer-songwriter, who recently previewed new single “Guardian,” has released a new music video for her Japanese Christmas-themed song “Omanko” just in time for the holidays.

Sky Ferreira

The lo-fi clip, directed by Ferreira’s boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith of rock band DIIV, features silly homemade videos of Ferreira spliced with footage of her onstage performances.

“The Omanko video was just ton of footage @DIIV & I made (originally without any intention of making anything out of it).U know…for fun?!” Ferreira wrote in a tweet on Saturday (Dec. 20).

“Omanko” is from Ferreira’s debut album, Night Time, My Time, which was released in late 2013 on Capitol Records. She is currently working on her second album with Primal Scream‘s Bobby Gillespie and Andrew Innes.

Ferreira shared the “Omanko” video through Twitter over the weekend and then later wrote that she originally set out to make “official videos for most of the songs on the record,” but didn’t get the budget she needed from her representatives.

“It’s a shame. Because labels/managers etc don’t think it’s necessary unless it’s a single,” Ferreira tweeted.

Ferreira Performs New Single “Guardian” at California Concert

Sky Ferreira has a special guardian

The 22-year-old part-Brazilian singer-songwriter has shared new music that could be fit for a highly anticipated sophomore album.

Sky Ferreira

Ferreira, who released her debut album Night Time, My Time in late 2013, performed “Guardian” at a recent show at Santa Ana, California’s Observatory.

The song showcases how far Ferreira’s live vocals have come since she hit the scene.

“I wanna be free from the dark that lives deep inside me,” sings Ferreira, projecting like Florence Welch and emoting like Lorde.

There’s plenty of room for a commanding vocal performance here, with little more than a dramatic drum march and distant, twinkling synthesizer to guide the song along.

Back on Nov. 21, Billboard reported that Ferreira is currently working on her new album with Primal Scream‘s Bobby Gillespie and Andrew Innes.

Ferreira Takes to Facebook to Defend Herself Against Bullies

Sky Ferreira is telling her online bullies that enough is enough…

The 21-year-old part-Brazilian singer-songwriter blasted online bullies in a recent Facebook post, defending herself against those who’ve anonymously criticized her “pop star” appearance and have been “constantly harassing” her.

Sky Ferreira

“I’m exhausted of (more than some) people telling me how I should look or be if I want to be a “pop star” & how they think it’s okay to say vile & (sexually) abusive shit to me on a daily basis over the internet,” Ferreira posted on her Facebook page early Wednesday.

“I’m not only writing about myself…because almost every person has to deal with this. It’s a shame because I now feel like I can’t connect or directly speak with true fans. I’m not a mess, I’m not a drug addict, I’m not a slut or a bitch. I recently blocked someone because they were constantly harassing me & making fun of sexual abuse that happened in my past…Which I’ve publicly spoken about to hopefully help others. They came to one of my shows & my friend confronted the person. We were accused of being homophobic after. Which is absolutely insane because my friends,my family & a majority of my fans are homosexual.

“Sexuality,gender,race,& age are irrelevant to me,” Ferreira continues. “As it should be for everyone by now. Treating people like shit because you feel like shit doesn’t help anyone. If you see hateful/disgusting/abusive comments,please start reporting it or deleting it. I think that’s the only way we can start to lower that sort of thing from happening. Use the internet as a way to connect with others & LEARN. Show & spread compassion.”

Night Time, My Time, Ferreira’s acclaimed debut album, has sold 25,000 copies since its release last October, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The singer has been supporting the album as an opener on Miley CyrusBangerz tour.