New Trailer Released for Ochoa’s Disney-Pixar Film “The Good Dinosaur”

Raymond Ochoa will have you seeing green in his next project…

DineyPixar has released the latest trailer for The Good Dinosaur, which features the 13-year-old Latino actor as part of the voice cast.

The Good Dinosaur

The animated film follows the story of a misfit prehistoric creature who bonds with a human toddler.

The Good Dinosaur takes place in an alternate past in which the event that wiped out all large life forms at the tail end of the Cretaceous period never happened. As a result, dinosaurs survived well into the Pleistocene era. What follows is an epic journey through this world from the perspective of an Apatosaurus named Arlo (Ochoa) and his unlikely cave-boy pal Spot (Jack Bright). As they travel, Arlo learns to confront his fears and become what he’s capable of being.

The film originally was slated for summer 2014, but it weathered a director change and got an entirely new voice cast.

Peter Sohn makes his feature directorial debut here, having helmed Partly Cloudy, the 2009 Pixar short that played in theaters before the studio’s hit feature Up. Riding high on the success of Pixar’s Inside Out, Disney sends The Good Dinosaur into theaters November 25, the day before Thanksgiving.