Aimee Garcia Starring in Western Thriller “Murder At Emigrant Gulch”

The (Big) Sky’s the limit for Aimee Garcia…

The 42-year-old Puerto Rican and Mexican American actress is starring in Murder At Emigrant Gulch, the Western-thriller starring Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane and Isaiah Mustafa.

Aimee Garcia

Production has wrapped on the project, which is being directed by Richard Gray.

In addition to Garcia, cast members who joined the film later during production include Richard Dreyfuss, Nat Wolff, Anna Camp and Zach McGowan.

Scottie Thompson, Emma Kenney, Tanaya Beatty, John Ales and singer/YouTube star Lia Marie Johnson round out the cast alongside Isabella Ruby in her feature debut.

Set in 1882, the film follows a former slave (Mustafa) who arrives in Emigrant Gulch, Montana, a desolate former boomtown now on the decline, looking for a place to call home. On that same day, a local prospector discovers gold – and is murdered. The sheriff (Byrne) arrests the town newcomer. But as the mystery of the prospector’s murder deepens, and the town’s earnest preacher (Jane) questions the accused man’s guilt, a clash between faith and the law threatens to tear the town apart.

The film was shot in Montana from a script by Eric Belgau.

Director-producer Gray commented: “Filming this ground-breaking story in Montana, with such a strong and diverse cast was a brilliant experience. It’s a unique and modern themed tale, set in a classic, action filled western — we had a blast!”

Garcia is best known for her role on Showtime’s Dexter. Her other television credits include Lucifer, Trauma and Greetings from Tucson.

Garcia’s previous film credits include RoboCop, El Chicano and Saint Judy.

Aimee Garcia to Star In & Executive Produce the Rom-Com “Match Me If You Can”

Aimee Garcia has met her match

The 41-year-old Puerto Rican and Mexican American actress and Lucifer star will executive produce and star in Match Me If You Can, a romantic comedy about the world of dating in today’s geek culture. 

Aimee Garcia

Marian Yeager is directing the film from a script by Betsy Morris.

Garcia, who’ll reprise her role as Ella Lopez in the sixth and final season of Netflix’s Lucifer, will play Kip Parsons, a talented computer nerd who is rejected by an online dating service as “unmatchable.” After her online blog about her humiliating status goes viral, Kip quickly becomes the reluctant spokesperson for all the frustrated singles out there. There’s just one problem: the dating service swears they didn’t reject her and she becomes the target of a kangaroo court.

Production is slated to commence Spring 2021 in Texas.

Garcia, who can be heard in the forthcoming Marvel M.O.D.O.K. animated series at Hulu, has previously appeared in Showtime’s DexterThe George Lopez ShowRoboCop, opposite Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton, Lorenzo DiBonaventura’s superhero movie El Chicano, and MGM’s The Addams Family with Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac.

Garcia Joins Cast of Fox’s Comic Book-Themed Drama “Lucifer”

Aimee Garcia is headed back to television…

The 37-year-old Puerto Rican and Mexican American actress has joined the cast of Fox’s comic book-themed drama Lucifer as a new series regular for Season 2.

Aimee GarciaGarcia will play Ella Lopez, the department’s new forensic scientist…and she sure does love her job. Ella grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in Detroit, but also in a strong Catholic family, under the watchful and protective eye of her five brothers…which might explain some of her opposing personality traits. Her mutual belief in both faith and science proves a point of interest to Lucifer (and the rest of the department) as they get to know and love her quirky ways.

Known for her role as Dexter’s nanny Jamie Batista on Showtime’s Dexter, Garcia recently co-starred in CBS’ Rush Hour and filmed the indie Sister Cities with Alfred Molina, Jackie Weaver, Jess Weixler and Kathy Baker.

Her other credits include TV Land’s Impastor and Jose Padilha’s RoboCop.

Padilha to Co-Write and Direct “Mindcorp” for Warner Bros.

Jose Padilha isn’t about to mind his own business…

Warner Bros. has purchased Mindcorp, a science fiction thriller based on a short story by the 47-year-old Brazilian film director, producer and screenwriter that he’ll direct.

Jose Padilha

Dwain Worrell has been set to write the script with Padilha. It’s the second studio gig for Padilha after his Robocop remake.

The studio is keeping the logline under wraps, but in broad strokes it’s a high-concept intense thriller involving next-generation mind-body experimentation and a priest who becomes responsible for the survival of humanity.

Padilha won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival for Elite Squad in 2008.

Jesse & Joy Honored at the ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards

Jesse & Joy have a new premio to add to their trophy case…

The Mexican pop group, comprised of the brother-sister tandem of Jesse Huerta and Joy Huerta, was honored by its peers Monday at ASCAP‘s 30th annual Film & Television Music Awards, which honor the composers behind the top films at the box office, the most-performed television music and the top video game music of 2014.

Jesse & Joy

Jesse & Joy were honored for penning their single “Mi Tesoro,” which served as the theme song for the Mexican telenovela Qué Pobres Tan Ricos, starring Jaime Camil and Zuria Vega. The duo previously earned a Best Theme Novelero at the 2014 Premios Juventud.

But Jesse & Joy weren’t the only Latino honorees…

Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno were also honored at the ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards.

The Spanish superstar and the Cuban singer were honored for Iglesias’ duet with Marco Antonio Solis, “El Perdedor,” which served as the opening theme to Mexican telenovela Lo que la vida me robó. It’s the fifth time that an Iglesias song was chosen as an opening theme of a telenovela after “Cosas del Amor“, “Nunca Te Olvidaré“, “Cuando Me Enamoro” and “Marisol.” The song was composed by Iglesias and Bueno.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Santaolalla was honored in the Top Box Office Films category. The legendary Argentine musician and film composer was honored for his work on the animated film The Book of Life.

Other Latino honorees in the film category include Brazilian composer Pedro Bromfman for his work on RoboCop, Brazilian composer Heitor Pereira for If I Stay, and Spanish composer Fernando Velázquez  for Hercules.

Garcia Cast in CBS’ Hour-Long Pilot “Rush Hour”

Aimee Garcia is ready, ready, ready to rush…

The 36-year-old Mexican American and Puerto Rican actress, who starred on Showtime’s Dexter, has been cast as the female lead opposite Jon Foo in CBS’ hour-long pilot Rush Hour.

Aimee Garcia

The pilot, written by Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick and directed by Jon Turteltaub, centers on Lee (Foo), a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer assigned to a case in Los Angeles, where he’s forced to work with Carter, a cocky black LAPD officer who has no interest in a partner.

Garcia will play Didi Diaz, a sergeant with the LAPD who chose to leave the streets once she became a mom. Didi is Carter’s former partner who knows him better than most people and is not afraid to call him out.

The movies’ director Brett Ratner will executive produce.

Garcia most recently starred in MGM’s Robocop remake.

Garcia to Star in TV Land’s Dark Comedy “Impastor”

Aimee Garcia is a total impastor

The 35-year-old Mexican American and Puerto Rican actress and Dexter alum has been cast opposite Mircea Monroe and Michael Rosenbaum in TV Land’s single-camera dark comedy Impastor.

Aimee Garcia

Written by Christopher Vane and directed by Robert Greenberg, the story centers on Buddy (Rosenbaum), a lowlife on the run from his debts who hides away in a small town by conning its residents into thinking he’s their new gay pastor.

Garcia will portray Buddy’s put-upon girlfriend LeeAnne. Her character is described as a bartender in San Francisco who is used to Buddy leading a chaotic, trouble-jammed lifestyle. A little bored with all the constant upheaval in his life, she dismisses his latest tale of danger and drama. But after Buddy disappears, and apparent suicide, LeeAnne has a new set of problems: dealing with her snarky mother, dealing with the cops, dealing with a funeral director, and (most complicated of all) dealing with Buddy’s criminal creditors on top of the guilt of “abandoning” him.

Monroe plays Alexa Cummings, the sexy head trustee of Loomis Lutheran Church, who’s instantly attracted to the new pastor in town, Buddy. Alexa’s sophistication hides a mysterious past.

Garcia recently appeared in MGM’s RoboCop reboot.

Garcia to Star in CBS’ Drama Pilot “Red Zone”

Aimee Garcia’s next role will have her seeing red…

The 35-year-old Mexican American and Puerto Rican, who recently starred in the MGM reboot of the RoboCop franchise, has joined the cast of the CBS drama pilot Red Zone.

Aimee Garcia

Written by Nikki Toscano and directed by James Foley, the project centers on a retired CIA operative named Holden Weller who, when a terrorist event rocks Washington, D.C., is pulled back into action, as he’s forced to investigate closer to home where the next generation of terrorists is being bred.

Garcia, who starred on Showtime’s Dexter, will portray Vera Bradley, a whip-smart, driven and impatient case officer with the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism department.

Garcia Starring in Non-Typical Latina Role in Jose Padilha’s “RoboCop”

Call it a Robo-tastic moment in Aimee Garcia’s acting career…

The 35-year-old Mexican American and Puerto Rican actress is starring in MGM‘s reboot of the RoboCop franchise.

Aimee Garcia in RoboCop

Garcia portrays Dr. Jae Kim in the film, a role she landed through sheer determination even though the role was written with an Asian actress in mind.

“The role was not for a Latina initially,” Garcia told Efe in an interview. “But I fought hard. I wanted to work with (Brazilian director) Jose Padilha because I love the Elite Squad films. And the cast was amazing. So I did a lot of auditions. Why couldn’t a Latina be a scientist?”

“Jose chose me in the end and I feel proud to play someone who knows about biology, engineering and chemistry like modern-day Hispanics. That’s the reality. I like the fact young Latinos can see themselves reflected in my character and realize they can also achieve their dreams,” said Garcia.

RoboCop, a remake of the 1987 film of the same name, is set to open in U.S. theaters on February 12. It’s set in the year 2028 and tells the story of conglomerate OmniCorp’s efforts to bring its hi-tech crime-fighting technology to the United States.

A new product developed by OmniCorp scientist Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman) has been developed to circumvent a ban on the use of drones: a half-man, half-machine known as “RoboCop.”

Garcia plays Norton’s assistant, Jae Kim, a researcher who heads a team responsible for assembling the first cyborg (Joel Kinnaman) and helping him transition to becoming a machine that can faithfully respond to a series of pre-programmed directives.

“We all know that Latinas are sexy, sassy and full of life, but it was time to also show another side of that reality: well-educated, intelligent people,” said Garcia, who most recently starred on Showime’s Dexter.

The Official Trailer Released for Padilha’s “Robocop” Remake

The official trailer for José Padilha‘s highly anticipated RoboCop remake has been released…

The clip for the 46-year-old Brazilian director’s reinvention of Paul Verhoeven‘s 1987 cult sci-fi film begins with: “When crime is out of control, the only solution isn’t human.”


Starring The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman in the role originally made famous by Peter Weller, the film centers on police officer Alex Murphy, who suffers fourth degree burns and the loss of a leg when his car blows up.

Murphy recovers to find himself trapped inside a robo-suit, designed by scientists Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman) and Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton). It’s hoped that this part-man, part-robot police officer will fight crime in Detroit but, as we all know very well, things do not always work out as planned.

RoboCop also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish and Jay Baruchel.

With an estimated budget of $120 million, the new trailer showcases a number of epic special effects as well as plenty of new gadgetry.


The film from MGMColumbia Pictures opens in theaters on February 7.