Jesse & Joy to Release Fourth Album “Un Besito Mas” on December 4

Jesse & Joy are ready to kiss and tell about their upcoming album…

The Mexican pop duo, comprised of siblings Jesse Huerta and Joy Huerta, will release their fourth album, Un Besito Más, on December 4 via Warner Music.

Jesse & Joy

For their latest album, Jesse & Joy expanded their production roster to include Fraser T. Smith (AdeleSam Smith), Grammy winner Martin Terefe (who handled production on their previous album, ¿Con Quién Se Queda el Perro?, which won them four Latin Grammy awards),and Dominican legend Juan Luis Guerra, alongside Jesse.

The first single, the hauntingly powerful ballad “Ecos de Amor,” positions Joy as a soulful songstress in her prime. The visuals to the official music video are equally stunning, thanks to Samuel Bayer who directed the single’s video.

It’s been 10 years since the pair’s Esta es mi Vida debut, and, as Jesse will humbly tell you, “we know there’s something we do that connects.”

So Jesse & Joy tried to staying true to their sound while exhibiting growth this time around.

“Coming from an album like ¿Con Quién Se Queda el Perro? the challenge was big. We got to that point because we did things we had never done before and I think this album is one of the most diverse we’ve done in terms of rhythms. It’s a bit riskier, even though the first single “Ecos de Amor” doesn’t necessarily show that riskier side. We chose that as the single because we wanted it to be that bridge between where we came from and where we are. We wrote most of the songs for this album during the ¿Con Quién Se Queda el Perro? tour, in between hotels and studios in different cities that we played in,” said Jesse in an interview with Billboard. “In fact, we wrote ‘Ecos de Amor’ three years ago and we’ve always sort of done it that way. We take our time. Right after a tour we take some time to depressurize and spend time with family. Then we go back and see what we have, what we love, what’s left to do, and then we finish an album.”

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