Black Releases “Friday” Follow-Up, the Aptly Titled Track “Saturday”

Forget Friday…. Rebecca Black has moved on to the weekend…

Nearly three years after releasing the YouTube sensation “Friday” through Ark Music Factory, the 16-year-old half-Mexican American singer has released the follow-up to the tune that garnered millions of views while receiving harsh criticism for being what some considered “the worst song ever made.”

Rebecca Black

Black has now released the successor to her big hit, dropping the official music video for “Saturday.”

The singer depicts the morning after a Friday banger, but she and her friends are merely licking their wounds and preparing to do it all over again Saturday night.

“I don’t want this Saturday to end,” she sings over an electronic-infused beat and instrumentation.

She’s joined by fellow YouTube star Dave Days (with whom Black covered Rihanna‘s “Stay” earlier this year), who croons one of the verses.

Black has matured as a singer, sounding more confident, her voice shedding some of the Auto-tuned production on “Friday.” There’s even a line about “trying to get Friday out of my head.” It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what that means.

The song itself is a totally passable piece of Radio Disney-esque pop, but this time it’s the music video that deserves the brunt of the attention. The clip features a myriad of references to the “Friday” video, including writing the word ‘fun’ on a sleeping guy’s face, eating from a bowl of cereal that has “gotta have my bowl” written on its side, and a car scene during which she sits in the front seat; our girl’s all grown up and has finally decided which seat she can take.

Though it’s too early to tell whether or not the song will even dwarf the success of its predecessor, “Saturday” has already racked up more than 4 million views on YouTube since its release.