Diaz’s American Career Lifts Off…

Aaron Diaz’s career is about to take flight on American television…

The 29-year-old Mexican actor and singer will guest star on this week’s episode of ABC’s Pan Am.

AARON DIAZ to guest star on PAN AM

Diaz—who rose to fame after starring in the telenovela Teresa—will play a passenger named Miguel, “a dashing, charming and wealthy entrepreneur,” on the 1960s-set series about the now-defunct airline.

“He’s a businessman and frequent client of the airline…and on one flight that he takes from New York to Caracas, something happens that forces the plane to land in another country, in Haiti,” says Diaz of his appearance in the episode entitled “Unscheduled Departure.” “I‘m not going to tell you more so that you watch it, but things happen that force him to change drastically. And he interacts and has scenes with all the stewardesses, captains, everyone.”

Diaz says the guest-starring role came at a perfect time, just as he was arriving in Miami to prepare for his role in the telenovela Talismán.

“This was like a first step into another language,” says Diaz, who speaks perfect English. “And I hope that projects will keep coming my way and that the timing is right to continue advancing [in the American market].”

In addition to his music and acting careers, Diaz is also a fashion designer, who introduced his PERRA clothing line in 2009.

Diaz’s Pan Am episode will air this Sunday, November 13 at 10:00 pm ET.