Techy Fatule Releases the Music Video for Her Anti-Valentine’s Day Single “Llórame”

Techy Fatuleisn’t in the Valentine’s Dayspirit…

The 32-year-old Dominican has released the music video for her breakup song “Llórame” at a time when the world is celebrating love. 

Techy Fatule

“I chose to release it on Valentine’s Day, because there’s a 50% chance of being in love and another 50% of being heartbroken,” Fatule tells Billboard. “You feel so stuck and lonely, and we can be selfish and want the other person to feel the same pain.”

Written by Fatule, “Llórame” is a heartbreaking ballad about a relationship that ends and the other person moves on. 

The accompanying video, directed by Fernando Rivas, takes place in a bar called El Bar De Llantos, where alcohol becomes the best cure for heartbreak. Fatule performs the song while letting go of all the painful feelings.