Thorne Starring in the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up: Made in Japan”

Bella Thorne could have the lyrics “Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese” running through her head…

That’s because the 14-year-old part-Cuban-American actress will be starring in Shake It Up: Made in Japan, a special Disney Channel event for Thorne’s popular series Shake It Upwhich has been picked up for another season.

Bella Thorne

Premiering next month, the episode will be part of a three-part finale and feature Thorne’s character CeCe Jones and her cohort Rocky (Zendaya) as they travel to Japan to be part of a dance video production. But the girls soon discover their goals are very different when it comes to exploring the country versus plotting their dance careers.

The episode will focus very heavily on Tokyo culture, including J-Pop music. The Blue Man Group will also appear in the episode, and three new original songs by Thorne and Zendaya will debut.

Shake It Up: Made in Japan will air Friday, August 17 at 8/7c.