Orozco Starring in Sony Pictures Television’s Crime Drama “Anonima”

Veronica Orozco is going anonymous

The 35-year-old Colombian actress has landed the lead role opposite Ramiro Rocha in Sony Pictures Television’s Anonima, a drama about a mother and son forced to assume a criminal lifestyle in order to survive.

Veronica Orozco

The 70-episode series, which has begun production, will air on Colombian network RCN later this year.

Other recent Sony series filmed in Colombia include the narco drama En la Boca del Lobo and Metastasis, the Spanish-language version of Breaking Bad. Sony also produces in Mexico, where it’s currently producing the original series Senorita Polvora, starring Camila Sodi.

Anonima is shooting on location in Bogota.

Orozco’s credits include the film A Ton of Luck and the television programs Los Protegidos and A Corazón Abierto.