The Dallas Cowboys Reportedly Looking to Re-Sign Romo Fast

It looks like Tony Romo could be leading America’s Team for a little longer…

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has reportedly informed the 32-year-old Mexican American quarterback that the team has interest in signing him to an extension, according to ESPN. In fact, some preliminary dialogue has already taken place, a source told ESPN.

Tony Romo

The Cowboys are reportedly anxious to re-sign Romo because the player’s salary-cap charge doubles from $8 million this season to $16 million next season, the source said.

Romo’s contract expires following the 2013 season.

No. 9, though, hasn’t shown a great sense of urgency this season to re-sign. Insiders say he believes he’s leading a strong Dallas team that is capable of winning well into the postseason, which would give him more leverage when the negotiations get more serious.

Speaking Thursday about his contract situation, Romo—who became a proud father earlier this year—said, “I haven’t even thought about it.”


Romo’s career passer rating – at 97.3 – ranks second-best all time in the NFL.

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