Thorne to Continue to Appear on MTV’s “Scream” Despite Character’s Death

Bella Thorne will live to scream another day…

The 17-year-old half-Cuban American actress/singer will continue to appear on this first season of MTV’s cult classic remake Scream, according to the show’s producers.

Bella Thorne

Thorne’s character Nina, the series’ first causality, was brutally killed in the pilot episode. The producers and Thorne are remaining tight-lipped about the timing, but said Nina would pop up in flashbacks.

‘You will see more Nina…I’ll be back. More mean and less dead,’ she said, according to Variety.

The show follows the aftermath of the death of the school bully, connecting a group of teens to past murder sprees and unraveling Lakewood’s secrets.

Scream airs Tuesday nights on MTV.

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