Urbizu to Direct the Pablo Escobar-Themed “Silver or Lead”

It’s silver or lead time for Enrique Urbizu

The 50-year-old Spanish filmmaker will direct the Pablo Escobar-themed film Silver or Lead after Relativity Media acquired the script for the project.

Enrique Urbizu

Silver or Lead centers on the the manhunt for the notorious drug lord. It centers on the private war between Escobar and General Hugo Martinez, whose life rights are part of the deal. In addition, Relativity’s deal includes the life rights to Joe Toft, the former chief of the Bogota office of the Drug Enforcement Agency who was directly involved in the pursuit, capture and death of Escobar.

The film’s name comes from a famous Escobar phrase, “Plata o Plomo.” It’s the choice Escobar reportedly offered the people he encounters: take riches or take a bullet. It’s the choice Martinez faces when he refuses a $6 million bribe by Escobar to call off the manhunt.

Pablo Escobar

Source material for the film comes from author Simon Strong’s award-winning book Whitewash: Pablo Escobar and The Cocaine Wars, which was also acquired by Relativity.

Urbizu,’s previous project, 2011’s crime thriller No Rest For The Wicked, swept the last year’s Goya Awards with a record 14 wins.

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