Valderrama to Dye His Signature Hair Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Carlos Valderrama is planning to get all pretty in pink for a good cause…

The 51-year-old Colombian soccer legend, known to millions as “El Pibe,” has announced plans to dye his famously huge blond Afro the color pink in support of the fight against breast cancer, which takes the lives of four women each day in his native country.

Carlos Valderrama

Valderrama also said he will take part in the Breast Cancer Walk in Bogota on September 8, the day when thousands of women will be marching in cities around the country.

“I’m going to paint myself pink for the walk,” the former captain of Colombia’s national team told the press, adding that he urged the authorities to step up their efforts to prevent the disease from taking more lives.

He noted that if a patient discovers she has breast cancer in time, it can be treated, and added that it’s not an illness that attacks only women but that it sometimes strikes men as well.


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