Vargas to Pen Memoir About Her Struggle with Alcoholism

Elizabeth Vargas is preparing to open up about her ‘dark double life’…

The 51-year-old half-Puerto Rican television journalist, an anchor for ABC’s newsmagazine 20/20, will be writing a memoir about her struggle with alcoholism.

Elizabeth Vargas

Vargas’ untitled book will be published by Grand Central Publishing in the spring of 2016.

News of Vargas’ battle with the disease went public in late 2013 when it was reported that she had entered a rehab facility for treatment. She spoke openly about her struggle with addiction during an appearance on Good Morning America in January 2014.

Grand Central, in an announcement, says Vargas will give a “no-holds-barred account” of how she turned to alcohol to cope with crippling anxiety attacks, the double life she led as an alcoholic and her time in rehab.

Vargas also hopes to provide “solace and guidance” to others suffering from the disease.

“When I first began to worry about my own drinking, I turned to books other women had written about their own alcoholism,” said Vargas. “I learned I was not alone, and it helped me find the courage to reach out and get help. I have spent my entire life telling other peoples’ stories. This one is my own, and is incredibly personal: the burden and the loneliness of the secret drinker. If just one other person can relate to it, it will make my own story worth writing, and I will have paid the gift forward.”

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