Villegas Releases Music Video for New Single “Paint a Smile”

Jasmine Villegas is ready to paint a smile on your face…

The 19-year-old half-Mexican American singer has just released the music video for her latest single “Paint a Smile.”

Jasmine Villegas

In the video for the oh-so-catchy song, Villegas leaves her abusive boyfriend once and for all. Dressed in a trendy grey beanie, black mini dress, biker boots and a leather jacket, Villegas jumps into a classic  Ford Mustang and leaves her boyfriend behind in a motel room in the middle of the desert.

Villegas winds up at a gas station/dinert, where she paints a smile on in the bathroom with lipstick and mascara and cheers up everyone in sight with her upbeat, high-energy song.

And, she even moves past her ex with the hunky gas station attendant, who happens to drive away with her in the end.

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