WE tv Developing New Reality Series “The Real Women of Telenovelas”

It looks like you may soon get an up close and personal look at the lives of your favorite telenovela stars…

WE tv is currently developing a new unscripted series The Real Women of Telenovelas. The show will focus on the lives of up-and-coming actresses and actors in the oh-so-competitive world of telenovelas.


Set in Miami and produced by Matador, the series features the real-life drama behind the short-run Spanish language soap operas.

First produced in Mexico and Latin America, over the last few years South Florida has become the new home base for production of this TV genre, and Miami has earned the nickname, “Telenovela Tinseltown,” as aspiring stars descend upon the city in the hopes of making it big.

The series will follow the colorful frenemies who compete for roles and dates, walk the same red carpets and fight for the same spotlight and are ready to take their careers to the next level.

The Real World Of Telenovelas asks the question, which, if any, of these ambitious talents will be the next breakthrough star?

“The world of telenovelas has everything we look for in a WE tv show – compelling characters, conflict, consequence and comic relief,” said WE tv president Marc Juris. “We could not be more excited about this project and bringing these beautiful women and their stories and highly charged relationships to WE tv viewers. I think we’ll find the lines on the scripts in these TV dramas sometimes pale in comparison to real life.”

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