Where in the World is Jennifer Lopez?

She’s an international superstar who’s been “on the floor” since this spring… And, Jennifer Lopez could soon be leading moviegoers on a global mission to find her “on the map!”

According to Deadine, the 42-year-old American Idol judge has signed a deal to produce a live action film version of the iconic computer game Carmen Sandiego.

While there’s no word whether la Lopez will star as the game’s title charactera trenchcoat-and-fedora wearing thieving villainessthere’s no denying the Puerto Rican multi-hypenate’s striking resemblance to Sandiego, the ACME Agency’s greatest detective who becomes the world’s greatest thief.

The first Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego educational game was released in 1985; it’s now used as a teaching tool in more than half of elementary schools nationwide. The game also inspired a children’s game show on PBS that aired from 1991 to 1995.

Carmen Sandiego almost made it to the big screen in the late ’90s. Disney optioned the film rights to the computer game and developed a version for Sandra Bullock that never took off.

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