Witness Camil’s Transformation Into a Woman on “Por ella soy Eva”

The oh-so-hunky Jaime Camil is giving new meaning to the phrase “Ladies man”…

Jaime Camil

The 38-year-old Mexican actor/singer is playing a man and a woman in his upcoming telenovela Por ella soy Eva with Lucero.

Meet Eva María Lion Jaramillo, the woman that Camil’s character Juan Carlos Caballero transforms into as a way of getting closer to Lucero’s character Elena.

Jaime Camill as Eva

Camil—who will also be singing the theme song to the highly anticipated telenovela, based on the Colombian hit Los tacones de Evareleased a picture of his character’s alter ego via Twitter just moments before filming scenes from the episode in which she first appears.

On his Twitter page, Camil wrote: “Never will I find a way to thank you all for your beautiful words from tonight for Eva, it’s a privilege to work for you all.”

Meanwhile, Heidi Balvanera, Camil’s girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Elena, wrote on her Twitter page: “I am so proud of @jaimecamil for his portrayal of Eva that the emotion doesn’t fit in my chest! Without doubt, it will be a well-deserved success.”

Camil’s transformation into a woman—which includes bust, hip and rear prosthetics—takes about two hours. And, he has to wear a girdle to help give him a curvier figure.

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