Ádammo Strips Down for Extra MTV Europe Music Award Votes…

The members of Ádammo are hoping to flash past the competition to claim the band’s first MTV Europe Music Award…

The Peruvian power pop trio has been nominated for Mejor Artista Latinoamericano Central for the MTV Europe Music Awards, which will be taking place in Frankfurt, Germany this fall.


And the members of the band—Ezio Oliva, Diego Ubierna and Renzo Bravo—are trying to get some extra exposure to earn extra votes from fans.

They happily appeared in an online ad promoting the awards show, using the numbers of the event date (11-11-12) to cover their private parts.

This isn’t the first time Ádammo has received some MTV Europe love. The band earned a similar nod last year, becoming the first Peruvian band to ever be recognized by the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Click here to see the full list of EMA nominees, which includes two nods for Pitbull this year.

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